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Incident Investigation

Presenter’s Name

Sandy Millar, CRM

Instructor Bio Sandy Millar leads EQUA Specialty Risk Partners’ Sport & Recreation practice. As an insurance broker and risk manager, Sandy brings technical expertise as well as practical industry experience to his clients.  Over his seventeen-year insurance career he has developed specialization in sport and recreation insurance, and he is uniquely qualified within this market.  His passion for the sector is driven by a lifetime of experience in sport, as a competitive skier, coach, and instructor, as well as his varied career experience.
Sandy regularly contributes to industry events and conferences, providing content on a variety of safety & risk management topics.  Topics covered have included the use of waivers of liability in defending claims, cyber liability for recreation operators, incident investigation, and facility risk management.  Sandy is valued by clients and within the industry as a trusted advisor.
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Presentation synopsis Incident Investigation
Immediately following a loss incident is not the time to be crafting a response plan.  It is critical to develop a plan in advance so as to enable collection of data, conduct interviews, analyze contributing factors such as equipment failure, process failure etc.  In this session we will discuss some key elements of an incident investigation:
•  Purpose of incident investigations – Why do we conduct them? What happens to the data?
•  Triggers for initiating – what are the criteria for triggering an investigation?
•  How to determine scope of investigation – How much data will be required, given scale of loss?
•  Root cause analysis – Analyze chain of events and causal factors
•  Tools for data collection – How to ensure thoroughness
•  Use of photographs, CCTV and other digital evidence
•  Witness statements – Important element of investigation