Wooden Rollercoaster, PNE

Advanced Hydraulic Troubleshooting

Presenter’s Name

Eric Freimuth

Instructor Bio Eric Freimuth has provided a variety of instruction specific to the amusement industry including:

  • Developed course curriculum, authored workbooks and provided instruction to the Northwest Showman’s Club.  His involvement with this organization dates back more than years.
  • Presented at NAARSO one-week seminars hosted by the Northwest Showman’s Club.
  • Provided a one-week seminar for Disneyland (California) Engineers on related equipment for 4 specific amusement rides.  Followed up two years later with another course for a specific attraction
  • Provided educational sessions related to hydraulics and hydraulic safety for the PNE/NAARSO Safety week from 2018 through 2020

Since 1982, Eric has specialized in hydraulics and has an extensive biography of providing education for many different industries.

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Presentation synopsis Advanced Hydraulic Troubleshooting