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Anatomy of an Insurance Claim

Presenter’s Name

Sandy Millar, CRM

Instructor Bio Sandy Millar leads EQUA Specialty Risk Partners’ Sport & Recreation practice. As an insurance broker and risk manager, Sandy brings technical expertise as well as practical industry experience to his clients.  Over his seventeen-year insurance career he has developed specialization in sport and recreation insurance, and he is uniquely qualified within this market.  His passion for the sector is driven by a lifetime of experience in sport, as a competitive skier, coach, and instructor, as well as his varied career experience.
Sandy regularly contributes to industry events and conferences, providing content on a variety of safety & risk management topics.  Topics covered have included the use of waivers of liability in defending claims, cyber liability for recreation operators, incident investigation, and facility risk management.  Sandy is valued by clients and within the industry as a trusted advisor.
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Presentation synopsis Anatomy of an Insurance Claim
The practice of risk management is dedicated to identifying, assessing, and controlling threats to an organization.  When designing and reviewing risk management practices, it is informative to work backwards, looking closely at real claim scenarios and documents such as Notices of Civil Claim (NOCC) which contain lists of complaints against the defendants.  The lessons that can be learned will be the main focus of the session.  Secondarily, we will review the normal chain of events, post-loss, leading up to and including a claim.
Normally the complaints listed within an NOCC are detailed and extensive (although they may not necessarily be true!).  We will look at several case studies and then pose questions based on the NOCC itself, such as:
•  Could the loss have been prevented?
•  What actions could have been taken to avoid or mitigate the loss?
•  What factors were involved and how did we influence the outcome?
•  What role did each of the parties play?
•  How did we follow-up post loss?
The session will be interactive with both moderator and participants involved.