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ASTM F24 Current Standards

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Andreas Tanzer

Instructor Bio Director of Research & Design, has been with ProSlide Technology since its inception, more than 34 years ago. Water has been a recurring theme throughout Andreas’ life. His father, Johann Tanzer, was a Master boat builder who grew Tanzer Industries into one of the largest sailboat manufacturers in Canada. It was knowledge from his father’s pioneering work with fiberglass — a ground-breaking new material at that time – as well as his commitment to proper design practices and a focus on safety that Andreas took with him into the work world.
In his 35 years with ProSlide, Andreas has held progressively more senior roles in water ride design and development. He started as a slide designer, introducing computer-aided design (CAD) to the company. In his first 25 years, Andreas worked closely with Rick Hunter, ProSlide’s CEO and owner, putting his vision and innovation ‘on paper’ and moving it into the engineering and manufacturing stages. Andreas has worked side by side with Rick on notable award-winning industry changing rides like the ProSlide “MAMMOTH”, “TORNADO”, “BehemothBOWL”, “ProRACER” and most recently the “HydroMAGNETIC Coaster” rides ensuring that safety and excitement were maintained.

One of the most satisfying elements of his career has been the opportunity to meet the pioneers of the water park industry and their passion for safety in the industry. A particular highlight was a 10 day/22 park road trip in 2002, that he embarked on with his wife Louise, daughter Sarah and son Xavier.

Member of ASTM F24 committee for over eighteen years, Andreas was the Task Group Chair for ASTM on water slides which went on to create and publish the ASTM F2376 standard for waterslides in 2006, which is now used in North America and accepted internationally. As well, Andreas was the ASTM Task Group chair for Aquatic Play Structures which also became the ASTM F2461 Standard for Aquatic Play structures. Andreas has received the WWA Kelly Ogle Memorial Safety Award in 2009 and recently was presented with the 2015 Kelly Ogle Memorial Award once again for his work on ensuring Waterpark industry safety. Andreas currently sits as the Vice Chairman of the ASTM F24 Executive Committee, ensuring that the Water Ride industry and its overall safety is well represented and informed.

Now a grandfather, Andreas has even more reason to make sure that the industry grows and thrives so his grandsons can enjoy it as much as he still does! Andreas’ Quote: “We build excitement into every element of our rides. Every turn, drops, curves – absolutely everything – contributes to ride performance while maintaining safety”

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Presentation synopsis ASTM F24 Current Standards
This session will review the current standards presently in force. Do you know all the titles and what they cover? Join us and learn the new titles and what is covered and where. This will not be an in-depth review of any one standard or how the standards are developed but rather an overview of all current F 24 standards.