Wooden Rollercoaster, PNE

ASTM Modification of Rides

Presenter’s Name

Michael Wrinch

Instructor Bio Dr. Michael Wrinch is an energized and accountable leader who founded Hedgehog Technologies, an electrical engineering consulting firm.  For twenty years, Michael has managed innovative projects and designed electrical systems for renewable energy grids, military-grade submarines, and world class amusement rides.  He is the past president of Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC) and is currently on the board of directors for Engineers Canada. With a strong foundation of ethical practices, Michael delivers safety-critical projects through a risk management process that continues to serve the attractions industry.
Track Maintenance / Inspector
ASTM Modification of Rides
Presentation synopsis Join the ASTM Modification of Rides seminar to discover a high-level view of the process for technicians to be aware of changes that increase the risk of harm or injury in the attractions industry.  The ASTM standards provide criteria for designing and modifying amusement rides with safety at the forefront. The recommended audience for this event includes technicians, park owners/operators, and inspectors.
Hosted by Dr. Michael Wrinch, the founder of Hedgehog Technologies, the seminar will provide a clear overview of ASTM modification of ride standards with a chance for Q&A and activities at the end.