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Documentation: Creating the Operations Manual Based on F770

Presenter’s Name

Sonny Silvia & Joelle Javier

Instructor Bio Sonny Silva:  Sonny is currently a Regional Supervisor at Technical Standard and Safety Authority the designated AHJ for Amusement Devices in Ontario, Canada. He has been the Amusement Device Technical Specialist for the organization for the past 7 years and leading a team of over 40 amusement ride inspectors. After completing schooling as an Electro-Mechanical Technician, he started his career at Canada’s Wonderland as Ride Mechanic.

Sonny holds a current Amusement Ride Mechanic Licence in Ontario, NAARSO Level(III) Inspector, AIMS Level(II) Inspector, Certified QEI Inspector (elevator) licence and is an ASTM F24 member along with the inspector representative in TSSA’s Amusement Ride Advisory Council.

He has a dedication for influencing change with a cooperative approach to education and inclusiveness to both AHJ’s and Industry.

Joelle Javier:  Joelle is a graduate of the Materials Science Engineering Program at the University of Toronto and of the Masters in Mechanical Engineering program at Ryerson University. She is a NAARSO Level 1 Safety Inspector and AIMS Level 1 Safety Inspector. She is an active member of the ASTM F24 committee for Amusement Rides and Devices

Joelle has been an Engineer at the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) Elevating and Amusement Devices Safety Program for 9 years. She typically reviews amusement ride submissions for new devices and modifications. She also provides support to the Amusement Devices inspection team.

Track Operations
Presentation synopsis Documentation:  Creating the Operations Manual Based on F770
In this session, we will show how to create your own operations manual based on the requirements of ASTM F770 and based on the manufacturer’s manual.
We will also cover additional operations manual documentation required by ride specific standards and other standards referencing F770