Wooden Rollercoaster, PNE

F2959- Aerial Adventure Course Best Practices

Presenter’s Name

Peter Sorensen

Instructor Bio Peter worked as an inspector for TSSA from 2003 to 2016 before transferring to his current position as a Senior Safety Officer with Technical Safety BC in 2016.  His current role focuses on amusements, passenger ropeways and elevating devices.  He has held his Millwright ticket since 1993 and currently holds certifications in NAARSO level 2 and QEI (Qualified Elevator Inspector).  In addition, Peter has been an ASTM membership since 2012 and is a committee member for both the F24.60 and F24.61 working groups as well as a sub-committee member for F2959.
Peter is also an active member of the following:
– QEI COmmittee
– Escalator & Moving Walk Committee
– CSA B355, Platform, lifts & stair lifts for barrier free access
– ASME A17.1/ CSA B44- Inspections Committee
Track Maintenance, Inspector and Operations
Presentation synopsis F2959- Aerial Adventure Course Best Practices
This course provides an overview of best practices for the installation and operation of ziplines and how F2959 relates to the installation and operation of those devices.