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Fall Protection

Presenter’s Name

Chris Szymiec & Ron Crespo

Instructor Bio Chris Szymiec is a lead Instructor for 3M Safety Training (formerly Fall Protection
Group Inc.), having joined the company in 2013.
Chris is involved with the delivery of end user and certified instructor programs, and
plays a crucial role in the design and development of many of our training programs.
Chris has delivered training to a variety of industries, companies and locations,
including theatres as well as training at the Pacific National Exhibition. Prior to
joining, Chris worked as both a high angle and confined space rescue technician in a
variety of industries throughout Canada. Chris’ rope and rescue specific skillset is
bolstered by his vast experience working as an expedition leader in the high mountains
of the world. While the equipment and skills may be different, the idea of always
coming home safely has been Chris’ key message to anyone he works with. Chris is a
well-rounded safety professional who brings real life experience and theoretical
knowledge to the classroom with the occasional story of conquests or maybe even a
photo of his cat to keep everyone entertained.
Ron Crespo is a Fall Protection Specialist for 3M.
Track Maintenance
Presentation synopsis Fall Protection
Join 3M as we discuss and showcase 4 key elements for fall safety when working at heights within your industry. We’ll cover key considerations of your fall protection program, sharing relevant knowledge tips, equipment ideas, and demonstration solutions in use. As 3M covers both equipment and training solutions in this session, it is one you don’t want to miss.