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Implementing Effective Sun Safety for Outdoor Workers in the Attractions Industry

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Thomas Tenkate

Instructor Bio Thomas Tenkate is an Associate Professor and was Director (2011 to 2020), School of Occupational and Public Health at Ryerson University. He has worked in Australia, the USA and in Canada in the fields of environmental health, public health and occupational health and safety. He has been in academia for 18 years, and prior to this he worked in a variety of government roles for 10 years. Originally qualified as an environmental health officer, he also gained qualifications in industrial hygiene, management, education, and risk management, including a Doctor of Public Health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA. He has been active in professional societies, including a period as national president of Environmental Health Australia. He was project lead for the Sun Safety at Work Canada project, the first a pan-Canadian project focusing on sun safety and skin cancer prevention in workplaces. His ongoing research interest is occupational exposure and risk management of sun exposure for outdoor workers.
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Implementing Effective Sun Safety for Outdoor Workers in the Attractions Industry
Presentation synopsis Exposure to the sun is recognized as one of the most significant physical risks in the occupational environment. Despite the adverse effects from solar UV exposure being largely preventable, implementing and sustaining effective sun safety programs in the workplace is difficult.
Sun Safety at Work Canada was national project that had as its objective the development of a sustainable sun safety program to assist workplaces effectively manage excessive sun exposure of their outdoor workers.
This presentation will discuss the key elements in implementing an effective sun safety program for outdoor workers, with a focus on the attractions industry. The sun safety model will be discussed and the project’s website and extensive range of downloadable resources will be introduced. At the end of the presentation, attendees will have introductory knowledge and resources to implement a comprehensive sun safety program which is tailored to their operations.