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NDT Inspections

Presenter’s Name

David Wells

Instructor Bio David is a Professional Mechanical Engineer. His career has taken him from working as a hydraulic service technician, to becoming an engineer doing mechanical / hydraulic system design and steel construction, into computer science, to machine automation. Along the way there were side detours into television, movies, water ski boats and scuba diving instruction. He currently provides engineering support to two amusement parks, and several traveling shows for issues involving, hydraulics, steel defects and control system issues. David is an AIMS Level 2 CRI.
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Presentation synopsis NDT Inspections
This session will dive into the topic of NDT in the amusement park industry.  We will examine the different types of inspections most commonly used on amusement rides and what to expect from your professional NDT inspector.  Participants will also explore what to include in the documentation process, from initial findings through to work completed and retesting steps.