Wooden Rollercoaster, PNE

Ride Foundation and Blocking

Presenter’s Name

Dean McKernon

Instructor Bio Dean has worked for AEDARSA for 18 years, prior experience of 15 years in the ski industry as a Lift Maintenance and Operations supervisor.
A Red Seal Journeyman Millwright, Safety Codes officer for Elevators, Passenger Ropeways and Amusement Rides, and is a QEI certified Elevator Inspectors.
Committee Member of:
•  CSA Z98 Passenger Ropeway and Passenger Conveyors Code Committee
•  ASTM F24
•  ASTM F 2783 Canadian Code Committee
•  OITAF/ITTAB Member (International Organization for Transportation by Rope
•  Safety Codes Council (Ab.) -Advisory role on Elevators, Passenger Ropeway and Amusement Rides Subcouncils
Develops and delivery of training programs presentations for ED/PRWYS/AR to:
•  TSSA Amusement Ride forum
•  World Elevator Congress, Shanghai China
•  OITAF General Meeting Singapore
Experienced in construction, maintenance, operations, inspections, and code compliance. Combined with industry experiences with development and enforcement of Regulations and Codes Dean can provide a knowledge base, understanding and perspective of all aspects of the topic.
Track Maintenance, Inspector and Operations
Presentation synopsis Ride Foundation and Blocking
Review requirements of ASTM standard(s), understanding roles and responsibilities of owners/mfg., differences between permanent vs. portable requirements.