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Risk Assessments

Presenter’s Name

Matthew Keeler

Instructor Bio Matthew Keeler is a senior electrical engineer from Hedgehog Technologies, an electrical engineering and risk management consulting firm. He’s also a functional safety engineer certified through TÜV Rheinland, an international gold standard in safety. Throughout his career, Matthew has delivered innovative projects ranging from designing military-grade submarines to electrical controls for the global attractions industry.
Track Maintenance / Inspector
Presentation synopsis Risk assessments are critical to an organization’s health and safety mandate. Complex machinery can be hazardous to personnel without having a holistic understanding of the risk factors. The term ‘safety risk assessment’ refers to identifying areas of risk and creating a process to fully eliminate or mitigate them to an acceptable level of safety.
Join Matthew Keeler, a TÜV Rheinland certified functional safety engineer, for a life-saving presentation on identifying hazards and performing a risk assessment to promote safer operations for the public.