Wooden Rollercoaster, PNE

Weather (Lightening/Wind/Water) and the Amusement Ride Industry

Presenter’s Name

Dean McKernon

Instructor Bio Dean has worked for AEDARSA for 18 years, prior experience of 15 years in the ski industry as a Lift Maintenance and Operations supervisor.
A Red Seal Journeyman Millwright, Safety Codes officer for Elevators, Passenger Ropeways and Amusement Rides, and is a QEI certified Elevator Inspectors.
Committee Member of:
•  CSA Z98 Passenger Ropeway and Passenger Conveyors Code Committee
•  ASTM F24
•  ASTM F 2783 Canadian Code Committee
•  OITAF/ITTAB Member (International Organization for Transportation by Rope
•  Safety Codes Council (Ab.) -Advisory role on Elevators, Passenger Ropeway and Amusement Rides Subcouncils
Develops and delivery of training programs presentations for ED/PRWYS/AR to:
•  TSSA Amusement Ride forum
•  World Elevator Congress, Shanghai China
•  OITAF General Meeting Singapore
Experienced in construction, maintenance, operations, inspections, and code compliance. Combined with industry experiences with development and enforcement of Regulations and Codes Dean can provide a knowledge base, understanding and perspective of all aspects of the topic.
Track Maintenance and Operations
Presentation synopsis Weather (Lightening/Wind/Water) and the Amusement Ride Industry
Climate change, code changes and owner/operator responsibilities at times create challenges for operators.