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Wire Rope Inspection & Care

Presenter’s Name

CW Craven

Instructor Bio CW specializes in aerial passenger ropeway safety.  He began his career in the amusement ride industry in 1990 as a Ride Controls Electrician at Great America Theme Park in Santa Clara, California.  He has worked for Circus Circus Adventure Dome in Las Vegas,  Garaventa CTEC (an aerial passenger ropeway manufacturer in Salt Lake City) and operates inspection and management companies responsible for attractions across the US, including the Washington and Oregon State Fairs.  CW is devoted to teaching within the industry, and holds certifications from NAARSO, AIMS International, and several certifications related to his work as a volunteer firefighter.  He is the recipient of the 2018 Jimmy Floyd Award from the ASTM F-24 committee on amusement rides, and the 2009 AIMS International John Allen award.
Track Maintenance, Inspector
Presentation synopsis Wire Rope Inspection & Care
Instruction includes an introduction to wire rope nomenclature, attachments, failure modes, inspection and repair. Lifting slings, support and stabilizing wires, clips and end attachments are also discussed. Hands-on demonstrators and exhibits make this an excellent class for anyone who must select, install, maintain or repair cables and lifting slings.